The Monash University Blues Football Club relies on a few key sources to finance putting our men's and women's football teams on the park each weekend. Monash University have given the Club great support since the University opened its doors in 1961 and, to this day, continues to be the spiritual and financial backbone behind the Club. Our sponsors - theĀ  Yorkshire Stingo Hotel and Fulton Hogan - provide much needed funds to assist us in playing football. Our players pay annual subscription fees which go some way to paying for affiliation fees, coaches, physiotherapists, trainers, strength & conditioning specialists, football equipment and the many other components it takes to have over 200 registered players playing Australian rules football.

One crucial brick in our financial wall is the support of our past players, officials and supporters and family and friends of our players - most of whom are current university students.

Monash University through its Monash Sport group sponsors the Monash Blues Football Club. By donating to Monash you can help support university football. Please use this facility to donate to the Football Club via the Monash Alumni donation page (please make 100% sure that you tick the "Monash Sport - Australia Rules Football" option under "Area of giving").

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian tax purposes. Your e-mail confirmation from Monash University's Donor Relations will include an attachment to your tax receipt.

From time to time we also have other ways that you can help the Ashes financially. Our recently released United Petroleum Community card will save you money at the petrol bowser and earn the Club funds each time you fill up your car. Please look out for other offers throughout the year.

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