Whether you're just after an Ashes' hoodie to wear to those not-so-warm training nights, a Club beanie to wear whilst cheering on our teams on winter weekends, or you need the full kit (guernsey, shorts and socks) to play on matchdays, the Club's Online Store has got you covered!

Did you manage to get one of our first Indigenous inspired tops (pictured below)? Our own Jess Bennett worked with Team Monash to come up with a stunning Warm Up Top and we are privileged to be able to wear this on match days. If you missed out, keep an eye on this website to see if they become available again.

What about our first Pride tee (front logo pictured here)? Designed by some of our players in conjunction with our Pride committee, we'll be wearing these at our upcoming inaugural Pride round that will feature both our Women's teams.

Note: the Monash Blues Football Club's Online Store uses Monash University's "Connected Communities" facility for sales of both our on-field and off-field apparel. Clicking on the hotlinks will open up our Shop pages on the University's website.

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